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The Scottiedogmascots Team (USA Branch)


With our team of Scottiedogmascots becoming more and more popular, and known worldwide, it seemed to be a natural addition to start up a special team of hand picked Scotties from within the USA to form the "Scottiedogmascots Team (USA Branch). These dogs have been carefully selected for their beautiful temperaments, and individual personalities. All of them assist with at least one Scottie and/or Westie fundraising group (a requirement to be a team member), to increase donations being made to their particular group. In our team, we also have one Nursing Home Specialist Scottie, who I will introduce below with the other team members.





                                 DUFFY WERMKE-BENDER - Sir Duffy is our specialist camera man .... what a camera magnet ..... a real showman!

                                                                        Sir Duffy owns Cyndi, and comes from St Louis, USA







                                  MCDUFF LAMBRECHT (Dec) - Duffy and his mom are very active helpers with St Louis Scottish Terrier Rescue, and Door County                                                                   Scottie Rally, with both working extremely hard to help out.






                                   DUNCAN GLENN (Dec)- Our boy who loves to wear pink! A gorgeous boy, who has the best beard I have ever seen on a                                                                      Scottie. A great team member.








                                   ARLO & ABBY ROSENBERG - Both Abby and Arlo are very supportive team members, with Arlo being the daddy of our                                                                                 youngest two Mascots, Bridget and Abby. 







                                   HAYLEY 2 BLACKMON - Hayley is very active in fund-raising for Canine Cancer Research, and I am always lucky enough to                                                                  handle Hayley at Warm Springs each November when I go along to help them out.









                                      KAYLEY GRAGG - Miss Kayley is a wonderful girl, who is very active in helping Hayley's Helpers, and Canine Cancer                                                                      Research.









                                     FIONA ROISIN-NIXON - The girl who keeps everyone else in-line. A wonderfully active Scottie at Fala To The Rescue, at                                                                         Warm Springs.









                                    MISS BECKY BLUEBONNET- Miss Becky is our "Nursing Home Specialist", and comes from New Jersey, USA.











                                     PATRIC FLEMING - Our newest member, would have to be "The Clown", and helps out by being "him"!









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