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Lilly takes the reins at Tartan Day!

The day finally arrived for Lilly to step into the hugs paws of Darcy, as our new "Lead Mascot"!

I could not believe how beautifully Lilly performed at Tartan Day .... she is a true star in the making!

Not only did she behave impeccably, but she did everything I asked of her .... I am so proud!

I just wished her breeder, Lynn Jennings Spencer could have been there to watch Lilly begin her very exciting journey! Darcy (retired) was brought along so he could officially hand over the reins as "Lead Mascot" to Lilly. Darcy was then piped out to Scotland Brave .... thankyou for all your years of hard work Darcy! And now Lilly is the official "Lead Mascot", we look forward to seeing her lead the team in their performances! A huge welcome to our Miss Lilly!

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