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Our Darcy Retires!

Our gorgeous "Lead Mascot", Darcy, has finally retired from his duties in our Mascot Team, to enjoy his old age in comfort. Darcy lead in the Massed Bands at Tartan Day, for the last time on Saturday, July 16th, 2016. Once in place at the end of the entry tune, the Pipe Major stepped forward, and saluted Darcy, as the announcement was made that this would be Darcy's last appearance. I then handed Darcy over to a friend, and exited with the Massed Bands with Bridget and Abby, our two newest Mascots.

Thankyou Darcy, for all the wonderful years you have devoted to us, and for all your talents in performing, even after you lost your eyesight 18 months ago. What a great boy you are! Enjoy relaxing in your older age Darcy! We love you always! xoxo

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