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Maggie gives birth in style!

WOW!!!! Maggie has presented us with eight (8), yes eight (8) very healthy puuppies!!

There are four (4) jet black, and 4 black/brindles and brindles. Six (6) girls, and two (2) boys.

What a great job by our girl Maggie, and she self-whelped all eight (8) puppies. We are keeping two (2) girls, and all others have been sold to wonderful new puppy pawrents! One of the boys is here in Queensland, with the second boy, and other girls now living in Victoria (Australia). The names given to them by us were - Rudy is now Mr Darcy, Beau is now Seamus, Little Lynn is soon so head to her new owner, so still goes by her birth name, Grace has remained as Grace, Pippa is now Heather, Abby is now Emily. The two we have kept are Bridget, and Holly, who we have named Abby. Hitting the show ring will be our two, Bridget and Abby, Mr Darcy, Seamus, and Emily .... not bad out of one litter!

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