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Bonnie gives birth again!

Our very sweet girl, Bonnie (Flindersea Bonnie Lass), has again, presented us with a beautiful little black/brindle male Scottie puppy, who we nicknamed Digger. He got this name because he was born in the wee hours of Anzac Day, (25/04/2015). His sire is an American wheaton dog, named Rocky Creek Bagpiper's Arlo, bred by Lynn Jennings-Spencer, and owned by Linda Rosenberg. Digger now has his new name, Teddy (Mascothaven RC Teddy), and is now living in Melbourne, with his wonderful new mum, dad, and big sister. We wish Teddy the very best of luck, and a long and healthy life! For Bonnie, she is currently having a rest, and will hopefully be put back in whelp approximately April, 2016. Very exciting times ahead!

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