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Ormiston House 2010

Today was one of our favourite days of the year, at Ormiston House! We took, Audrey, Darcy, Lucy, and Baby Bonnie for her debut appearance! Lucy did her usual "cuteness plus" performance - always a hit with the crowds! Then we brought on Darcy, who excelled in his own display, and has clearly shown he knows what he has to do - good boy Darcy! Next on was the debut appearance of Baby Bonnie! What a treat for the crowd, and we were so proud of her. She successfully did a little recall, sitting right in front of me, as if she had been doing it for quite some time! Not bad for 10 weeks of age, hey! We have a real star in the making there - well done Bonnie! Last on was our beautiful Audrey, who entertained the crowd, and showed everyone just how things should be done! What a true talent! It was not long after this display that Audrey showed signs that all was not right with her - once again! I realised that the time had come for us to make an agonising decision - no more surgery - a truly distressing time for us! And so, on the next display segment for our Mascots, we very sadly announced that we were retiring Audrey immediately, and that we would have her farewell at Tartan day on the 4th of July. Audrey then waved goodbye to one of her favourite crowds, at Ormiston House, for the last time!

I am so distraught - I am losing my precious baby!

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