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Meet our Mascot Team


Our beautiful team of Mascots, lead by Lilly, are varied in ages and training, but they are all very popular when we take them out. They front the Redcliffe Scottish Pipe Band, and wear the MacLean tartan kilts, which are designed and made by their mummy. Have fun reading about our Mascot Team. They thrive in whatever is thrown at them, from School fetes, to very formal occassions, including weddings and funerals.


Lilly is my gorgeous wheaten girl!!!

Arriving from the USA, Lilly is one of my  latest Mascot team and kennel members and has now taken over the reins as "Lead Mascot"!

Lilly's registered name is  .... "ROCKY CREEK'S TRIBUTE TO LILLY BY REDROX"!! 

Her sire is the one and only, "AMERICAN 


Her dam is "ROCKY CREEK'S COPPER CLAD CELTI" (Celti). Lilly arrived in Australia mid October 2016. She was bred by Lynn Jennings-Spencer of Rocky Creek Scotties, in Virginia, USA. Lilly has huge paws to fill, but has shown me she is made of the right stuff!

Lilly is certainly star quality!! Lilly has now had two beautiful litters, with hopefully her third on the way, so there is mounting great excitment here!!

Lilly is DNA tested "Clear" for VWD, CMO, & DM.


Yes, there are two Bonnie's .... Senior, and USA based! Bonnie is a litter sister to Bridget and Abby, and is one of my Maggie's puppies. Bonnie is now owned by Lynn and Gary Spencer, in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, at Rocky Creek Scotties. Of course, Bonnie will always remain part of the "Scottiedogmascots Main Team", and will assist as she can from her USA base in Virginia. Bonnie has already been to Door County Scottie Rally this year (2017), and looked beautiful in a specially designed kilt. Bonnie will be seen out and about at times to help us out at special functions. there may be

some very special news soon about Bonnie, so keep watch. 

Bonnie is DNA tested clear for VWD, CMO, and DM.


Abby is my second girl to have been retained by us from Maggie's litter. Unlike her litter sister, Abby is more easy going, with a quieter nature, while still being as smart as a whip. Abby is also now being shown, and has a few wins already, so we wish her well. Abby's show name is "MASCOTHAVEN RC NANAVALSTRIBUTE", after my forever remembered late mentor & very dear friend, "Nana Val" Anderson, of Darnaway Scottish Terriers.

Abby has already been out marching at the Anzac Day Parade at Redcliffe, and is a valuable member of our Mascot team, at Scottish events, and shows.               Abby has a very busy year ahead of her, with her starting to compete in obedience soon.

Abby is DNA tested "Clear" for VWD, CMO, & DM. 



Darcy has been my "Lead Mascot" as of 4th July, 2010, but on July 15th, 2017, he finally handed over the reins to Lilly!

Darcy, who is usually full of mischief at home, had been heavily trained in preparation to take over the reins from his beautiful grandmother, Audrey. Darcy is almost 12 now, still very handsome and intelligent, but is enjoying his rest now. Darcy was a real dream to handle! A huge thankyou  

Darcy!!! Our Darcy was always a real crowd favourite, espwcially with his Hokie Pokie routine!! He now rules at home ..........  even though he is now completely blind!

Darcy's profile will now be placed on the Rainbow page, since his passing away. Run free sweet boy!! xx

Darcy was DNA tested "Clear" for VWD.

MAGGIE (Assisitant Lead Mascot)
What a character!
This gorgeous little girl is the border patrol officer at my property, who is always on the lookout for intruders, be them human or animal, letting us know all about it. 
She is the ultimate show off, and loves to be the life of the party!  Maggie is now at the stage where she is taking things easier, but still loves learning new things,

so she is in training to add extra fun into her performances as part of my beautiful Scottiedogmascots team. She get's that "I'm important" look about her, when she has her kilt put on, and and looks absolutely gorgeous! Maggie meets all expectations as a true shining star in my team. Maggie is Lilly's back-up as "Assisitant Lead Mascot", so will fill in at times. Maggie has given me two gorgeous litters of puppies.

Maggie is DNA tested "Clear" for VWD, CMO, & DM.


Bridget is one of the two girls I have kept from Maggie's litter. She has already established herself as "the clown". Very quick to learn, and a lovely typey girl, Bridget is already doing very nicely in the showring, so we hope to report well on 

her show career. Bridget's show name is "MASCOTHAVEN RC ITS SHOWTIME", and she has been named after her Grandmother, Bridget, who died tragically. We hope Baby Bridget will make her Gramma proud! She is an active member of my mascot team, having already marched with pride in the Redcliffe Anzac Day Parade, and has a hectic schedule ahead of her, which includes puppies! Watch for her as she starts her obedience competitions.

Bridget is DNA tested "Clear" for VWD, CMO, & DM.

Bonnie has huge paws to follow also, as she is Darcy's niece, and the great, grand-daughter of our beautiful past "Lead Mascot", Audrey!
Bonnie is one of our dancers, and she occassionally fills in for Darcy as "Acting Lead Mascot". Although Bonnie is a total rascal when relaxing at home, she does know when we are working, and has been

actively participating in the Mascot's performances from two days after she arrived - yes, she did her own little display of a perfect recall, and a sit and stay after just two days! Not bad, hey!  Now, Bonnie performs, and has given us two beautiful puppies. Bonnie was not a fan of pregnancy, so I have decided to stop her breeding. Bonnie has now been retired, and lives in total comfort.

Bonnie is DNA tested "Clear" for VWD.


It is with great excitement that we can now announce that we are the very proud co-owners, along with Lynn Jennings Spencer, of Rocky Creek Scotties, in Virginia, USA,  of Ruben "BRONZE GRAND CHAMPION REDROX DESERT FOX".

Ruben has now been retired from breeding and showing.

Ruben was bred by Jill Mashburn, of North Carolina, USA.

Ruben is DNA tested "Clear for VWD, CMO, & DM.






Very soon to be announced ..... hugely exciting news!!!!!!

You will have to come back around 6th January, 2020, to find out!!

Definitely worth the wait!!!

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