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From over the Rainbow Bridge


Over time, we very sadly lose members of our beautiful family of
Scotties, who were all full of their own character!
They have all left us with the most wonderful memories,
and will live on in our hearts forever!
To those we have lost, we simply say :-
"Thank you so much for owning us - it has been an absolute privilage"!

Past "Original Lead Mascot" (06/11/1997 - 05/07/2010)

It was with extreme sadness that I cuddled my very precious little Audrey, as she went to sleep, just one day after her very beautiful and dignified "farewell at Tartan Day (04/07/2010)!
Very highly trained in obedience and agility, Audrey was a real performer, and was forever thinking up ways to upstage her handler, much to the delight of the crowds who clearly loved giving applause for her ability and cheeky antics!
Audrey was one of the two original Mascots, the other being Keira, and together they made an exceptional team.
Audrey was the "Lead Mascot" from day one, and held that position from November, 1998, to the day prior to her passing away on 5th July, 2010.
Just shy of twelve years of leading the team in their official duties, she certainly deserved the wonderful farewell given to her at Tartan Day, 2010.

Audrey was my best friend, my pal, my heart dog, and when we were doing anything together - "we were one"!

To my beautiful little girl - I will miss you and love you forever Poss!
Thank you so much for all the wonderful times, and for giving me,
and your many fans, so many fantastic memories!
Now, you can enjoy laying by our campfire,
with your head resting on that rock of yours forever!

 "Thank you, Sleep peacefully my beautiful little Audrey"!!!

(Dec - Friday 13th March, 2009)

Such a beautiful boy!
Tommy loved to have a chat to people, and could always be heard quietly singing with his favourite tune - Highland Cathedral!
He didn't fancy doing anything that required much energy, but would always step up to the mark when needed, and perform perfectly. 
Tommy was known as the clown of the team, and a became a favourite to many. 
"Moo-Boy" - you were loved by many, and are very sadly missed by us all - especially your kid sister, little Lucy, who never got over your passing, missing you with such sad eyes, but she has since joined you, so look after her sweet boy!

 "LUCY" (November 15th, 2014)

Darling sweet little Lucy, my precious little poppet!  At the age of two and a half, Lucy became very, very ill, and I was extremely lucky to have her survive. Unfortunately, this left Lucy with epilepsy, which took quite a long time to stabilize. But, stabilize she did, and Lucy went on to live until she was just shy of her 13th Birthday (and I had been told she would not see three). Lucy was extremely popular, and her favourite thing was to "look pretty"! Rest peacefully darling little Lucy, you will never be forgotten!!!

(Dec - July 2011)

What a treasure!
This sweet gem was just a very young seventeen years young when she crossed the rainbow bridge, and although she was slowing down right up until two weeks before her death, she was still very much enjoying life.
She just loved to put on her kilt, and "look pretty"!

In BeBe's earlier days, she stayed with her Nana Val, who bred a stunning wheaten boy, "CHAMPION DARNAWAY THUNDER DOWN UNDER" (George), who went on to win at many wonderful shows.
Although BeBe was not asked to do anything in her latter days, she absolutely loved dressing up in her kilt, being introduced to the crowds, where she could hold her head up high, and trot around very proudly!
The rest of the time, BeBe just loved to lay about so people would spend time patting her all day long.
BeBe was always quietly in control, right to the end!
Rest is peace sweet BeBe!!


Past Original Mascot

(Dec - 5th January, 2006)

Keira was one of the two original Mascots, along with our long running passed "Lead Mascot", Audrey, to begin this unique journey we have been traveling since 1998.
Keira was always faultless in temperament and behaviour, and never had any bad habits - not even chewing slippers as a puppy!
A grand old lady, went to sleep in my arms at the wonderful age of just five weeks shy of her seventeenth birthday!
Keira was pure sweetness - sleep peacefully my lovely girl!

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