My "Scottiedogmascots" are a truly unique sight, as they are :-
"The only official Scottish Terrier mascots to lead out
Scottish Pipe Bands - in the world"!!!!!!!!!

We also would love to acknowledge one other "Mascot" - Hayley Blackmon 11, our friend, and her Angel Hayley (the origial Mascot), who is the Official Mascot at Warm Springs, GA. Home of FDR and Fala! 

My "Scottiedogmascots" have been doing this work since November, 1998, when they teamed up with Murrumba Pipes and Drums. Now we work independently, both formally, and informally, which makes it much easier when unable to attend events because of puppies.

I have also expanded into the United States of America, with a small, but elite team of "Honorary Scottiedogmascots (USA branch), who are busy doing fundraising over there for Scottish Terrier cancer research, and Scottish Terrier rescue.

My Mascots are the result of many years of hard work to breed, not only Scottish Terriers of high quality, but sound dogs. All our Scotties have Full Breed Profile DNA tested with "clear" results for VWD (Von Willibrands Disease), CMO (CranioMandibular Osteopathy), and DM (Degenerative Melopathy), and Chondrodystrophy, along with many traits, and of course, Proof of Parentage. I pride myself on all my dogs having wonderfully calm and faultless temperaments!

A superb temperament is an absolute must to be part of our official Mascot team, as they attend many formal (weddings, funerals, etc.) and informal (fetes and school visits etc.) functions throughout the year, where they are surrounded by many people, especially children.

No matter what the occasion, this Mascot team handles these functions with great ease!

The Mascots are currently being shown, and all are being trained at varying levels of obedience, agility, and Trick Work, so they provide good fun entertainment at the functions they attend, along with some useful education.
The official uniforms they are dressed in are designed and made by Beril Murray, and the tartan used  is the "MCQueen Tartan" (design protected), and they are about to have brand new kilts, with a new tartan.

All the dogs used in this very unique Mascot team are very proudly owned, groomed, trained, and handled by Beril Murray! 


Our "Lead Mascot" is Lilly, with Maggie backing her up, as "Assisitant Lead Mascot"!